At Mechawood, we believe there is too much waste in our world.  Everything we buy is packaged in plastic or is made from non-renewable materials that choke up our landfills and poison our environment.  And while we certainty can’t overlook the cohort of amazing things that humans have done, it’s clear that our way of life is having a substantial impact on the health of our planet.

These days, most products are designed for a short lifetime of use.  Whether it’s market pressure or design choice, we find that the products which once lasted lifetimes have been replaced by cheaper alternatives that can no longer be serviced and ultimately end up in the trash.

We’re dissatisfied with disposable products, and what’s worse is that those same disposable products are harming our environment.  If we’re going to design something to be disposed of, shouldn’t we take into consideration its impact when we get rid of it?  Better yet, why can’t we design something that can be repaired so we won’t need to get rid of it as easily?  Any since nothing lasts forever, shouldn’t we just factor in end-of-life to begin with?

Here at Mechawood, our goal is to demonstrate that complex things don’t need to be made from synthetic or engineered materials.  We strive to demonstrate that you can do some pretty amazing things with natural substances and we want to push the envelope of your expectations.   We believe that once the consumer expects more environmentally conscious products then the same pressures that got us here in the first place will eventually encourage the producers to change.

We figure what better place to start than a radio-controlled car.  It’s a very complicated system of parts, and many of the cars on the market use materials which can’t be recycled (engineered plastics).  We think it’s a great example of a complexity derived from the use of natural materials – so we’re excited to see what you think.

Stay tuned!